Streaming, YouTube create appetite for old school kids TV shows

Old childrens' television shows are making a comeback thanks to streaming, according to the creator of 'Blues Clues.

“I do believe that all the streaming and all the YouTube and all the videos have kept us alive all these years.” said Angela Santomero to FOX Business' Stuart Varney on Monday.

‘Blues Clues’ premiered on Nickelodeon in 1996 and featured a host and animated blue-spotted puppy named ‘Blue’ that encouraged its pre-school audience to figure out clues.

According to Santomero, who is also created other popular educational childrens shows including 'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' on PBS, said Many new children shows are also creating updated looks and concepts for a more modern image, including her 'Blue’s Clues' reboot.

“'Blue’s Clues and You' is premiering this year with 3D Blue and 2D animation,” she said. “Now we’re going to be updating it for the new generations.

Santomero also discussed her new book 'Radical Kindness' about viewing the world in a positive image.

“Kindness has been at the bottom of the curriculum of every show that I’ve ever done," she said. "You can see it in ‘Blue’s Clues.’ You can see it in ‘Daniel’s Tiger.’”