Startup takes on Google with self-driving car maps

Mapping startup Mapbox, is teaming up with Microsoft, Intel and Softbank Corp.’s ARM Holdings chip unit to take on Google Maps, the CEO Eric Gundersen told FOX Business on Friday.

However, unlike Google, Mapbox doesn’t actually have an app.

Instead the company uses code and software that allows developers to build maps directly into their apps.

“Any developer can put our stuff in there,” Gundersen told Stuart Varney on “Varney & Co.”

And it’s not limited to self-driving vehicles, he said.  The company is working directly with designers and developers to also allow drivers to see real-time data, like live traffic.

“Right now 350 million people a month touching our maps and any time our map is used we get live data coming back,” he said. “That’s what’s allowing us to live-map all the roads.”