Sarah Palin's husband Todd files for divorce

The husband of former Republican Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has filed for divorce.

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As first reported by Alaskan journalist Craig Medred, Todd Mitchell Palin – or “TMP” – filed the case involving Sarah Palin (or SLP) on Friday.

The pair had been married for more than three decades, but Todd Palin asked to dissolve the marriage over “incompatibility of temperament” which had made it “impossible to live together as husband and wife,” according to the Anchorage Daily News. The filing is also said to ask for joint legal custody of the couple’s only child that is still a minor, Trig, 11.

Sarah and Todd have four other children together.

Palin ran as a vice presidential candidate with Republican presidential nominee , the late Sen. John McCain, in 2008. After the election, she went on to sign several lucrative TV and publishing agreements and is reportedly worth $12 million, according to TMZ.