Pizza Hut updates Original Pan Pizza for the first time in nearly 40 years

Pizza Hut fans have grown to love the chain’s Original Pan Pizza since it was introduced in 1980. Now, for the first time ever, the menu item is being revamped with a new recipe.

The chain announced Tuesday it swapped out the Oringal Pan Pizza for a “new-and-improved” version in restaurants nationwide. The revamped pizza has a crispier crust because it’s baked in a newly engineered pan and is topped with a new cheese and sauce blend. Each slice still retains its chewy center while having a “golden-brown, crispy buttery crust.”

Pizza Hut relaunched its Original Pan Pizza with a new recipe. (Pizza Hut)

“The finished product is the result of a lengthy innovation journey Pizza Hut embarked on, focused on combining art, science and culinary expertise to bring the taste of the Original Pan Pizza to the next level,” the chain said in a news release.

Marianne Radley, Pizza Hut’s chief brand officer, said the chain was updating the Original Pan Pizza for the first time in nearly 40 years because it wanted to provide customers with the best-tasting pizza it could offer.

"Re-inventing our most iconic Pizza Hut menu item is just another way we're showing our customers that as a company we're about the pizza first and will never become complacent when it comes to taste,” Radley said.

The new version has been added to the Everyday Low Price menu at some locations for those who want to try the revamped menu item at a discounted price.


Pizza Hut is the latest company to update one of its famous products.

Hershey announced earlier this month that it was redesigning its classic milk chocolate bar for the first time in 125 years. Coca-Cola also announced it was bringing back its failed 1985 New Coke — when the company updated its soft drink formula — for a limited time in partnership with Netflix's "Stranger Things."