On-demand private jet service will shuttle passengers for $600

One startup wants to make booking a private airplane as easy as hailing a ride from Uber.

Flewber is an on-demand service that’s looking to disrupt air travel by removing the stress behind booking flights.

“Just imagine getting to your airport fifteen minutes before your flight, having a latte, reading a newspaper of your choice and being at the city of, you know, your destination within forty-five minutes,” Flewber CEO Marc Sellouk said on “Varney & Co.” Tuesday.

The ride-sharing air taxi services travel to New York City, East Hampton, NY, Boston and Nantucket, MA. A roundtrip flight cost a flat rate of $700 per seat and a one-way ticket could run you $400 per seat, according to the company’s website. For example, a roundtrip northeast route from NYC to Boston cost $600, Sellouk said.

Flewber jets and pilots go through the same testing and training that is required by the Federal Aviation Administration for airlines, operating out of smaller airports.

As Flewber competes with other Uber-like charter private flights with the likes of BLADE and Wheels Up, Sellouk said the advantage his service provides is no annual fees and the price remains the same whether you book an hour or a month in advance.

“So with our competition there has to be a certain amount of passengers. You gotta have this membership fee that pay in advance,” he said.


Uber also announced last month that it will offer helicopter services, Uber Copter, in New York City.

Sellouk said Flewber plans to expand its routes to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. in the near future, and beyond the northeast in the next two years.

“We plan on taking this model, replicating it in Florida, Texas, California, Washington state and Chicago,” he said.