Mexico farmers debunk avocado shortage rumors

Mexican avocado producers are calling the bluff on reports that there will be an avocado shortage in the U.S. ahead of its biggest consumption day — Super Bowl Sunday.

The president of Avocados from Mexico, a marketing group that promotes Mexican avocados, released a statement on Friday saying that despite earlier reports that fuel shortages will create an avocado shortage in the U.S. ahead the big game, they will not only meet its goal — but set a record.

The group said that the U.S. received a record 71.9 million pounds of avocados for the week ended Sunday, with overall imports projected to reach 217 million pounds, up 16 percent from last year during the same period.

Earlier this month, the Association of Avocado Producers and Packers/Exporters of Mexico released a statement sparking concern for guacamole lovers, that “there are limitations or delays in transportation” due to Mexico’s current gas shortage that came to light after its government cut pipelines in order to avoid gas theft from cartels.

The announcement sparked numerous reports that an avocado shortage was imminent leading up the fruit’s busiest season.

However, Alvaro Luque, president of Avocados from Mexico, confirmed that despite a fuel shortage, the group is “meeting its goal and making sure grocery stores are well stocked ahead of the game.”

Luque also added that Mexican avocado imports are expected to reach a record-breaking 2 billion pounds this fiscal year, an increase of 7 percent from last year.


Additionally, Luque noted that the avocado business is essential for Mexico’s overall economy, adding $3.4 billion to its GDP, $1.9 billion in labor income, $930 million in taxes and 28,000 in direct jobs.