Hershey's says it fixed its Kisses 'tips' problem but not in time for Valentine's Day

Hershey’s Kisses are officially getting back to tip-top shape but chocolate lovers will have to wait a bit.

After more than a month of customer complaints rolling in of Kisses missing their tips during the peak holiday season, the food giant announced it has identified the issue and new, fully-formed ones will be "coming out soon."

“After we heard from Hershey’s Kisses fans during the Holiday Season, our operations team looked closely at our complete Kisses manufacturing process and made adjustments to the process for shaping the tips,” Jeff Beckman, a Hershey’s spokesperson told FOX Business. 

Without elaborating, Beckman said the production adjustment has improved the overall consistency of the Kisses’ appearance and the improved ones are “now flowing out of" [its] Hershey-based plant and customers can expect “to see them in the market later this year.”

The missing “tips” drama started in early December last year, after several holiday bakers complained about the broken off peaks on social media.

At the time of the complaints, Hershey told The New York Times that there were many variables causing the production mishap and due to the volume of candy the company manufactures, there will be still be a period where customers may still find missing "tips."


Still, Hershey's said it "appreciates and values" the feedback from its customers and it ensured its customers that its committed to making its iconic sweet look great.