Why this iconic Valentine’s Day candy won’t be on store shelves this year

Valentine’s Day is going to be a little less sweet this year.

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Sweethearts, the iconic and popular little heart-shaped candy that features sayings such as “True Love” and “First Kiss,” won’t be on store shelves this year due to a change in ownership.

The production halt, which was first reported by CNBC, is because the candy’s new owner Spangler Candy—the makers of Dum-Dum lollipops and candy canes—did not have enough time to start production after acquiring the brand last September.

Spangler purchased the popular V-Day sweet along with Necco wafers from Round Hill Investments after its original producer, New England Confectionery Company, was sold to the firm in bankruptcy court last July.

Spangler’s chairman and CEO Kirk Vashaw told FOX Business in a statement that while "we wish we could have Sweethearts out for the 2019 Valentine season, it's just not possible."

He added that the company is focused on making sure the brands “meet consumer expectations” when they are re-entered into the market, but "doing it right takes time."


The company told CNBC that it expects to relaunch Sweethearts next year and Necco wafers are expected to be back sometime this year.

But while you may not be able to get traditional Sweethearts this year, there are other options including Brach's Tiny Conversation Hearts and SweetTarts Hearts.