Emily Ratajkowski says organic content is key to brand building

Emily Ratajkowski said "organic content is key" when it comes to building a brand. (AP)

Emily Ratajkowski dished on how “organic content is king” when it comes to building a brand.

“It’s something that a lot of people have heard but still, companies that have been around for a long time are slow to pick up on,” the model told Yahoo Finance on Sunday about the importance of organic content.

Ratajkowski, who has nearly 23 million followers on Instagram, created her own fashion line, Inamorata, and serves as the “chief taste officer” for sparkling canned wine brand Babe along with building a career in acting and modeling.

“Consumers are smarter than a lot of people think and that’s why it’s so fun to work on a product like Babe or my own line because we are able to go with what we feel and what we know,” she told Yahoo Finance. “We know our consumer, we know our audience, we have fun with it and they can feel that.”

Ratajkowski said she likes to be part of building a brand rather than only posting content that she’s told to promote.

“I want to be a part of building the brand — not just being told, ‘Post this thing at this time,’” Ratajkowski said. “That’s not something my followers would interact with because it’s like nothing I’ve ever posted before.”


Several celebrities and bloggers dubbed “social media influencers” have utilized platforms such as Instagram to endorse products. Some stars have been accused of false advertising or promoting products some have deemed unhealthy.