Credit service Intuit shuts down payments on all gun purchases

Judge Andrew Napolitano on Tuesday told FOX Business that credit card processor Intuit is within its rights to shut down payments on gun purchases.

A number of businesses were recently interrupted, without warning, after the company refused to process orders of gun-related sales, according to the New York Post.

Napolitano said, generally, customers can’t be refused due to race, age, gender or sexual orientation but can be rejected if they dislike their business.

“They can choose their customers, their clients unless that choice is based upon some protected aspects,” Napolitano told Stuart Varney on “Varney & Co.

Even though some of the sales didn’t involve firearms, businesses were forced to track down customers who they sold the items to because Intuit credited the money back to their accounts, the Post reported.

In Napolitano’s opinion, Intuit made a “terrible business decision.”

“They may very well have interfered with their customers’ businesses by not telling them ahead of time,” he added.

Intuit issued a statement regarding the matter saying that there was “nothing done without notice,” and that they allow gun purchases with their service and are “working with the customer to resolve the inconvenience we caused.”

In the original article, we incorrectly noted Intuit owned Quicken products. Quicken has been an independent company since April 2016. The story has been updated to include Intuit's response.