Building Homes for Heroes: Non-profit aims to help wounded veterans gain independence

Building Homes for Heroes has become a significant difference maker by building and remodeling over 170 homes specifically tailored for wounded veterans and their families.

Founded in 2006, the non-profit charitable organization provides mortgage-free homes while relieving the families of the financial burdens. Since the launch of Building Homes for Heroes, the organization has added programs to assist veterans with financial planning services, family funding, and emergency support, along with a financial planning representative for each recipient of a home.

FOX Business’ Lauren Simonetti joined “After the Bell” to discuss her new show, “Building Homes for Heroes” which debuted on Fox Nation Thursday.

“Surgery after surgery, you’re wounded, you’re disabled, and then someone gives you a home that you can custom for your injuries, exactly how you want, including decorating it. Think of the new lease on life that you have,” Simonetti said.


While the organization provides the guidance necessary to plan for a successful future, Building Homes for Heroes also fosters a community that ensures wounded veterans, who have already been assisted, to travel to the non-profit charitable events in support of other wounded service men and women.