Boxing champ Chris Algieri: CBD definitely helps athletes

WBO international welterweight champion Chris Algieri said CBD can help treat athlete’s injuries.

“There’s a lot more research that needs to be done, but for preliminary research, preliminary hearings and antidotal evidence from people that I’ve spoken to – there’s really good results,” said Algieri, who is also a clinical nutritionist to FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Wednesday. “Guys love using it you know for when they get banged up in training.”

CBD stands for Cannabinoids which are natural chemicals found in marijuana plants that are used medicinally to treat the symptoms associated with a wide-variety of disorders and diseases, including inflammation without psychoactive effects – in other words -- it doesn’t get you high.

When the FOX Business host asked whether he would use it, Algieri responded: “I would and I have,” and he added that it has worked on him for inflammation.

Illinois just took a major step in becoming the 11th state plus Washington D.C. to legalize pot for recreational use with THC—the component responsible for giving a high sensation. Algieri however does not support THC. In his opinion it is a performance enhancing drug.

“If you’re able to deal with stresses using a psychoactive substance, that can help you deal with the stresses, that’s part of what makes me a great athlete is I can deal with the stresses leading up to a fight without using any drugs,” he explained.


And although Algieri doesn’t use it himself, he said some boxers do use it “for sure” and for a number of reasons.

“They might just use it [recreationally],” he said. “But also I have spoken to fighters who use it because it does help them relax.”

Algieri, fresh off a title win against Tommy Coyle, where he made roughly $250,000, stands to have a “pretty hefty” payday as champ in his next fight, he said.