Are pilots behind Boeing 737 Max crisis?

Rep. Sam Graves, R-Mo., said pilot error may have played a role in the Boeing 737 Max 8 jet crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

"It’s not the plane I'm concerned about, I think the plane is very safe... I think it is a pilot problem.  You have to be able to fly the plane,” Graves who is also a professional pilot told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Thursday. "The most important safety feature is a competent pilot that can fly the plane.  You have to be able to cut off or de-couple the autopilot and take over flying the airplane, instead of fighting the airplane, which I fear happened in the case of Ethiopia and Lion Air."

Although technology has made flying safer, Graves said it comes with a downside.

“You have to ask the question, does technology cure pilot deficiencies or create pilot deficiencies,” he said.  “It all comes back to the same thing-- you need someone who can fly the airplane."

Rep. Graves is also the ranking member of the House Transportation Committee and expects to be briefed by the FAA this afternoon, and hopes that the situation can be resolved quickly.

President Trump announced Wednesday that the FAA would order the grounding of all Boeing 737 MAX jets.