These 15 flexible side jobs will help professionals increase their incomes, analysis says

A recent analysis found 15 flexible side jobs that will help professionals increase their incomes outside of their careers.

The analysis from FlexJobs listed 15 side gigs that allow workers make some extra money while maintaining a lifestyle at home and their full-time job. The jobs are either part-time or freelance and some even offer staffers to work from home.

The analysis noted many U.S. workers rely on money they receive from their side hustle. It cited recent survey by Bankrate that found one in three people have side jobs need that extra income to make ends meet despite a robust economy.

The flexible side gigs including the average hourly pay rate FlexJobs are:

Customer service representative - $14 an hour

Some third-party services hire people to help their customers.

Editor - $20 an hour

Companies hire editors to proofread copy for companies and online publications.

ESL teacher - $20 an hour

Those with outstanding writing and speaking skills can use them to become an ESL teacher and help non-native speakers.

Graphic designer - $17 an hour

Graphic designers can help companies and government agencies with web design and branding.

Interpreter - $20 an hour

Those with fluency in more than one language should consider being an interpreter on the side.

Management consultant - $60 an hour

Professionals can lend a hand to those needing advice and expertise.

Medical coder - $18 an hour

Medical coders are hired by health companies to code patient visits and help with medical billing.

Photographer - $16 an hour

Photographers can take a side gig with news outlets and others to help out.

Proofreader - $18 an hour

Book publishers and news outlets hire proofreaders to ensure copy is written clearly and grammatically correct.

Sales representative - $15 an hour

Companies hire a sales representative to boost sales and bring in customers.

Social media manager - $16 an hour

Companies hire people to manage their social media accounts.

Transcriber - $15 an hour

Transcribers help log video.

Tutor - $18 an hour

Tutors can help students struggling with math and science or studying for tests such as the SATs.

Virtual assistant - $16 an hour

An assistant works for clients remotely.

Writer - $20 an hour

Writers are hired to create content for online publications or print.