Varney: America is respected, admired in many quarters

President Trump addressed the world's leaders, gathered in New York for the U.N. summit.

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Surprise, surprise. There will be plenty of powerful allies and friends of America in the audience. While Democrats fuss about impeachment, our president will stand up for those being bullied by China, attached by Iran and impoverished by socialism. Ignore the media. America is respected and admired in many quarters.

Start with India: Fresh from the "Howdy Modi" rally in Texas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very much a friend and ally of the United States. Trump and Modi stood together, representing the world's two largest democracies.

Japan: Firm friend. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe needs American support to rein in China in Asia. He will sign a trade deal tomorrow, advantageous to American farmers.

Britain: Looks like a return to the "special relationship" days of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants a new deal with Iran and says President Trump is the man who can do it. Separately, there's a trade deal in the works that would be America's most extensive free trade agreement with any single country.

Brazil: The largest economy in Latin America. The new leader, President Bolsonaro, big Trump supporter -- opening up Brazil's economy, cutting tariffs.

Saudi Arabia: Its young leader needs America as he faces off with Iran.

Israel: About as strong an ally as you can get, at least while Benjamin Netanyahu is in the top spot.

That's a pretty good list.