Heatwave & severe weather power outages left customers in many states in the dark

A graphic shows some of the states that experienced heavy power outages during severe weather and heat advisory warnings in the U.S.

Large swaths of the Midwest and East Coasts experienced heat the surpassed triple digits this weekend, purging resources that help keep people cool.

Power grids from across the region were stressed to levels that led some parts of cities like New York to go dark.

Below are a list of some of the states, as well as one city, that lost power due to the intense heat advisories across the country:


More than 600,000 people were left without access to power following a Sunday storm.


More than 175,000 people experienced power outages due to downed trees and power lines after thunderstorms and tornadoes struck the region.

New York City

One week after a power outage left many in the nation’s largest city in a blackout, at least 53,000 had power cut off to their businesses and homes due to the heatwave.

Long Island along with Nassau and Suffolk Counties also left more than 27,000 people powerless.


Around 26,000 people lost power due to the extreme heat in Ames. That’s more than a third of the city’s population.


Officials in Northern Virginia estimated outages due to the heat reached more than 14,500 customers in the region.


Grove City and Columbus regions experienced weather so hot, power shut off to nearly 10,000 customers.

New Jersey

The Garden State found itself in Mother Nature’s heat wave, where nearly 9,000 had no electricity to stay cool.


By Saturday night, nearly 8,000 people in York County lost access to power due to scorching temps.

Information provided by FOXBUSINESS’ Brainroom database sourced from local reports.