Will Dems' freebies increase illegal immigration? What Sanders has to say

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has promised a lot of free programs and services during his campaign – from college to health care – but he declined to say whether these policies would drive more illegal immigration.

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When asked during the second round of debates in Detroit on Tuesday how he planned to stem the flow of potentially increased illegal immigration based on those promises, Sanders brushed off the question, simply saying he would have “strong border protections.”

Sanders has promised to cover undocumented immigrants with the same health care services as anyone else in America, which drew push back from a number of other contenders on stage.

Ohio congressman Tim Ryan said these types of proposals would incentivize more people to come into the country illegally.

"If you want to come into this country at least ring the doorbell," Ohio congressman Tim Ryan said, adding that undocumented immigrants could buy healthcare too, like everyone else.

Sanders contended that under his Medicare for All, single-payer program the country could afford to cover undocumented immigrants, without mentioning specifics.

According to The New York Times, as many a 6 million undocumented immigrants would need coverage.


So far, the Congressional Budget Office has not determined an estimated cost for this proposal.

After a similar question was asked during the first round of debates, President Trump took to Twitter, deeming it the end of the race because Democrats wanted to give “millions of illegal aliens health care”, according to him, before taking care of American citizens first.