California residents flee to Las Vegas suburb to avoid high taxes

Henderson, Nevada recently saw a population surge of 20 percent as people flocked to the Las Vegas suburb in the past decade. The town has grown to a population of over 300,000, claiming the title of second most populous city in Nevada and pushing past Reno.

A majority of Henderson's new residents come from the neighboring state of California.

“When you look at the median price of home for example in Henderson, it's about $336,000 for an 1,800 sq. ft. home, but then in California, in the Los Angeles area, that's more like $786,000 and in San Francisco probably close to $1.7 million,” said Henderson Mayor Debra March said on FOXBusiness' “Bulls & Bears” Wednesday.

Between the years of 2013-2017, 56 percent of the new residents made the move from the high tax state of California to the Henderson suburb that touts the affordable cost of living.

“We are bullish on job creation,” March said. "We know from studying markets that we want to make sure that we're creating and supporting jobs of the future that will support and sustain our economy."


High tax states have yet to make significant changes to try and incentivize residents to remain in those states. In fact, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed more tax hikes as people flee the Empire State.