Auto tariffs are a bad idea if you are concerned about the health of the industry: John Bozzella

President Trump is taking his message on the road Thursday to Grand Rapids, Michigan for his first campaign rally since the conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

The president will be applauding automakers for returning to Michigan.

Global Automakers CEO John Bozzella told FOX Business’ Connell McShane that the auto industry is crucial to the livelihoods of Americans.

“10 million people depend on this industry for their livelihoods. I think it’s good to have the conversation,” Bozzella said on Thursday. “With regard to the states that are mentioned, certainly South Carolina is a great example of what the industry looks like today. There’s a company there BMW that’s an export powerhouse, employing Americans to export cars all around the world. This is great opportunity for American workers.”

However, Bozzella said tariffs are a concern to the people who are connected to the auto industry.


“If you are concerned about the health of industry, the last thing you want to do is [to] put big taxes on Americans,” he said. “Which would raise the costs of cars and trucks made here in America and made elsewhere, and that would reduce sales and reduce productions. That’s a bad idea if you are concerned about the industry.”

Trump's Grand Rapids visit marks the sixth trip to America's Rust Belt since 2016. The second-largest city in Michigan ranks number one in manufacturing employment of the nation's 52 metro areas with a population of at least 1 million.