Personal Finance

Tax season: Top tips for 2018

Tax season is rapidly approaching and both taxpayers and financial advisors are still getting acquainted with all the finer details of the GOP’s new legislation.

Senator to DOT: Press foreign airlines on JFK communication

Sen. Charles Schumer wants federal transportation officials to urge foreign airlines to work better with the operators of New York's Kennedy Airport after winter weather woes cascaded into days of cancellations and delays this month.

Siblings inherit an entire town

'Strange Inheritance' host Jamie Colby on a man and his siblings who inherited an entire town, and three brothers who inherited an arsenal of antique weapons.

Future floods will be in mind as California town rebuilds

After power and drinking water return, and cleanup crews haul away the last of the boulders and muck that splintered homes like a battering ram, the wealthy seaside hideaway of Montecito, California, will start rebuilding with the possibility of another catastrophic flood in mind.

This is what shopping in 2020 could look like

Despite the record amount of brick-and-mortar stores announcing closures in 2017, the National Retail Federation claims the industry isn’t dead at all and in fact it’s on the verge of a turnaround with more jobs and innovation expected by 2020.