Coronavirus crisis puts bankrupt hospitals back in demand

As medical centers across the U.S. prepare for an influx of hundreds of thousands of new patients, President Trump is expected to use a federal stimulus package to pay hospitals that treat uninsured people infected with the new coronavirus.

Regulators mull reversing $462M increase in PG&E fire fines

California power regulators are weighing a recommendation to back off plans to fine Pacific Gas and Electric an additional $462 million over a series of deadly Northern California wildfires rather than risk that the harsher punishment might scuttle the utility's plan to get out of bankruptcy.

How the Fed's latest move will get money to Main Street

The U.S. Federal Reserve said on Monday it would backstop an unprecedented range of credit for households, small businesses and major employers in an attempt to stop the economy from sliding into depression as the coronavirus spreads.

PG&E CEO assures utility's safety issues are being fixed

PG&E Corp. CEO Bill Johnson blamed negligence by the company's past management for a cascade of catastrophes that killed nearly 140 people as he tried to persuade California regulators Tuesday that he is steering the utility to make safety its top priority.

PG&E proposes board revamp in revised bankruptcy plan

Bankrupt California power producer PG&E Corp said on Saturday it had submitted an updated bankruptcy reorganization plan including a new board of directors and new roles aimed at addressing concerns raised by California Governor Gavin Newsom.