Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather enters fitness ring

Undefeated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, who topped this year’s Forbes list of highest paid athletes, has launched a new venture: the flagship Mayweather Boxing and Fitness Gym in Los Angeles.

“It’s not just about making smart moves inside the ring. It’s also about making smart moves outside the ring,” Mayweather said.

His plan is to open 500 gyms worldwide. He’s offering franchising opportunities to investors, $200,000 to open a new gym and $70,000 to convert an existing gym.

“We’re talking worldwide, not just domestic,” he said. “I truly believe that it can happen.”

Mayweather has invested in everything from commercial real estate on New York to strip clubs in Las Vegas. His business advice is to start small, surround yourself with the right people and have lots of patience.

“I honestly believe it’s trials and tribulations in whatever you do in life,” the fighter said.

The gyms will feature a virtual reality experience with a Mayweather avatar challenging voters to jab, cross and hit harder, all while burning hundreds of calories. He is adamant that everyone have access to the virtual reality and studio workout.

“We want to treat everyone fair. Whether you only have a couple of dollars to the people who have billions of dollars,” the undefeated boxer said.

Mayweather is living proof that grit, determination and hard work pay off inside and outside of the ring. According to Forbes, he raked in $285 million this year. Despite his wealth and luxury lifestyle, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

“It was seven of us in a one-bedroom,” he said of his childhood. “I worked my way from nothing to making over $1 billion.”

In the gym, fitness buffs jabbed punching bags, skipped rope and ran on elliptical machines during the challenging cardio and strength building circuit that made Mayweather the most dominant boxer of all time.

“We offer you a chance to burn your calories, have fun and learn to become a better boxer. And that’s different from any other gym,” said Quan Paxton, fitness manager at the LA gym.

One woman said she plans to come to the gym every day because the workout is intense and will get her in shape really fast.

“Here the trainers push you hard, push you to your limits. It’s about discipline,” she said.

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