Never stop trying: CEO suggests to fellow American dreamers

As political division seemingly digs deeper between Republicans and Democrats, there is still hope in achieving the American dream, according to FivePoint Holdings CEO and Chairman Emile Haddad.

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As an immigrant from Lebanon, Haddad discussed with FOX Business' Liz MacDonald on "The Evening Edit" about how he was able to become successful in America.

“I’m proud to be talking to you because, hopefully, I will make sure that people know that there isn’t a place in the world that’s better than this country to provide someone like me the opportunity to come here and start from nothing and then be able to see the dreams come true.”

- Emile Haddad, FivePoint Holdings CEO, Chairman

Haddad mentioned other countries and cultures enable people to duplicate ideas that already exist, but in America, ideas can generate from nothing and turn into something significant.

“It’s a country based on incentive, and most importantly, it’s a country that actually has a culture to allow you to try and fail and keep on trying again and not to stop trying," Haddad said.

Haddad encouraged people to be grateful for all the gifts America has to offer, such as freedoms and rights.

“We all need to start realizing that we have things here that nobody else in the world does,” Haddad said.


FivePoint Holdings is a real estate company in California that specializes in homes, parks and other recreational spaces.

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