Xerox CEO incorporates AI, augmented reality to change future of servicing equipment

Augmented reality can solve customer problems faster than technicians, says Xerox CEO Steven Bandrowczak

Xerox CEO Steven Bandrowczak explained how the technology and software company plans to use artificial intelligence and augmented reality to help customers become successful, telling "The Claman Countdown" this will change the future of servicing equipment.

STEVEN BANDROWCZAK: If you called today, inside one of my call centers, we already know what is happening with your particular device. We then use artificial intelligence to see what that device error is against all the millions of devices we have around the world, all of our R&D notes. Then we take the best way to solve that problem based on the historic things that have happened with boards, what's happening with equipment and service teams. Then we use augmented reality to help the customer solve some of the problems themselves before we dispatch a technician. 


You think about cable. You get a new 5G modem and you try to install that in your house. We can help you with that. Artificial intelligence with augmented and virtual reality is going to change the way we think about servicing equipment in the future.