Uber glitch sends drivers to destinations before picking up passengers

Uber drivers have reportedly been experiencing a glitch in the app this week that sends them directly to destinations before they’ve picked up passengers.

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The problem is plaguing those using the Uber Driver app, which is different than the rider version, according to Business Insider.

Disgruntled would-be passengers posted about the confusion on Twitter. Based on their tweets, issues were happening in Seattle, Wash., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Tucson, Ariz.

“So Uber is broken apparently. The drivers keep going to my destination instead of where I am,” one person tweeted.

“I love that @Uber are going to get me fired,” another person said. “Their app is glitching and has sent two drivers to my destination instead of my pick up point. I'm super late for work. Have luggage so I can't get PT. Taxis are almost non existent here. I'm so anxious I could puke.”

Another person tweeted to Uber saying: “@Uber_Support please help. My driver went to the destination instead of pickup and refuses to cancel the ride. I called him, but he told me he would not cancel. Now i am stranded and will miss my class.”

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“@Uber What’s going in with Uber this morning??? Uber GPS is sending the drivers to the drop off destination...not the pick up!!! I waited an hour for 2 drivers going to the wrong location. Making me terribly late! What is the solution???” another user tweeted.

Someone else wrote: “What is going on with the app @Uber? Drivers keep trying to pick me up at my destination instead of my pickup point!”

One driver even tweeted, saying: “@Uber_Support twice today I was sent to the rider's destination instead of the pickup location. One passenger told me over the phone that the same thing happened to the first 2 drivers he requested. In Tucson, AZ.”


A spokesperson for Uber confirmed to FOX Business on Friday the company was aware of the issue but said it has since been resolved.