Super League Gaming CEO highlights the benefits of video games

Super League Gaming CEO Ann Hand said Prince Harry is not considering the beneficial aspects of video games when he calls for the banning of "Fortnite" in the United Kingdom. “If you really understand these games and go into them more, you understand they have deep layers of strategy, critical thinking, layers of teamwork,” Hand told FOX Business' Stuart Varney on Friday. “You build resiliency in the game, you die in the game - you come back and you respawn and you have to create new strategies around it.”

Last week, Harry claimed Fortnite was doing more harm than good to children and that it was created by Epic Games with the goal of making money off of gaming addictions.

But Hand cited the popular multiplayer sandbox game Minecraft, which she says, encourages STEM learning.

“These people are actually developing a lot of skills, and think about it - we used to watch a lot of TV as kids. This is interractive, and there's a social component as well.”


Super League Gaming has already partnered with Topgolf to build interactive virtual driving ranges around the country. Their next project involves developing esports lounges and other spaces that will bring gamers together.

“We feel this is a very social and skill-advancing thing,” Hand explained. “Eighty universities offer esports scholarships today. That's because they see something Prince Harry does not.”