Is the new Samsung Galaxy Fold worth the hefty price tag?

Samsung released the second version of its Galaxy Fold on Friday after complications with durability during the first launch in April.

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Kurt "The Cyber Guy" Knutsson joined FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria” on Friday to compare the latest version of the Galaxy Fold with Apple's new iPhone 11.

“I'm pleased to tell you that Samsung—after you shell out about $2,000—has done it right,” said Knutsson. “They've fixed the screen and now this device, which will have a 7.3-inch screen across, can fold in half, go in your pocket ... it's got six cameras. They've done a really good [job] of showing you the latest and greatest possibility of a folding display.”

However, he also warned consumers that even though Samsung has improved its durability, the smartphone is still quite fragile.

“Don't think it's like the iPhone or the regular Samsung Galaxy with a super-strong glass because this [phone] is polymer," said Knutsson. "It's going to scratch really easily. You don't want to put your credit cards near this phone. It also cannot tolerate dust or water very well at all. This is for the person that just has to have the bragging rights of having the latest thing.”

The iPhone 11 Pro in assorted colors. (Courtesy: Apple Inc.)

Aside from warning the public on the Galaxy Fold’s durability, Knutsson acknowledged that the size is what will get consumers to invest.

“I think in terms of how we really live now, where you have a mobile device that you wish had a slightly bigger screen but you didn't want to bring your tablet with you, this solves that,” Knutsson said.

So how does the iPhone 11 compare?

According to Knutsson, it’s the most durable smartphone yet.

“I wanted to hammer a nail into a two by four with it because I think you might actually get away with it,” Knutsson said. “This has gone through a number of stress tests since it came out. It’s super durable.”

“I just think … for Samsung this really says ‘look, we can make displays,’” he concluded. “This could be a whole new category. Who's to say we're not going to go to a tailgate party in a couple of years and have a TV fold out from a small bag and we're watching on a giant screen at the game?"