The Samsung Galaxy Watch wants to replace your Apple Watch

Samsung just introduced their brand new wearable: the Galaxy Watch Active2. It hits stores on Sept. 27 at a starting price of $279 for the smaller model.

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Just six months ago, they launched the first version of this watch which is priced lower than the newest one. Interestingly enough, they plan to sell both versions.

"The smartwatch market is rapidly growing, and we at Samsung are excited to continually expand our presence in new and visionary ways," Samsung said in a press release. "With Galaxy Watch Active2, we have created a device that will enable consumers to take control of their health and wellness, and seamlessly flow between their devices and connect across the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, making their lives easier and better."

We have created a device that will enable consumers to take control of their health and wellness.

- Samsung's President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division

So what's new in this newest iteration?

First off, the Active2 comes in two different sizes -- 40mm and 44mm in diameter -- and it brings back a rotating bezel which gives the wearer more screen size on the watch face. The bezel, however, isn't a physical part of the watch that rotates. Instead, it's a touch-sensitive dial around the edge of the watch face that lets people select apps by a simple touch of their finger.

Samsung says it updated the watch's heart-rate monitor as well as its ability to measure acceleration, with the hopes it would be better for those using it to monitor their exercise. Samsung claims its sensors take in data much faster now, which they hope will help enhance a person's fitness routine.

One neat addition is a feature called "My Style." This allows the user to "match" their Active2 to their outfit by taking a picture of what they are wearing.

For those stressed out by the day, the Active2 has guided meditation programs in partnership with the popular app Calm. And as you meditate yourself into dreamland, the Active2 reportedly analyzes your sleep patterns and stages.


Online preorders for the watch start on Sept. 6.