McDonald's testing automated drive-through ordering, robot fryers in Chicago

Courtesy: iStock

McDonald's is testing out a way to make its fast food production even faster: with robots.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the chain is enlisting the help of voice-activated drive-throughs and behind-the-counter robotic deep-fryers to boost production.

The newspaper reports the robot can toss chicken, fish and the golden arches' iconic fries into the fryer.

A McDonald's in Chicago is currently being used as the testing ground for the new technology, which aims to decrease wait times that have grown in recent years.

With recent surveys showing a rise in the minimum wage and many fast-food employers struggling to fill jobs, The Journal reports other chains are also looking into automation as a way to bring quicker production to the workplace.

Some workers have responded to the idea of automation by organizing walkouts over working conditions, claiming the technology could eliminate their jobs.

Competitors like Domino's explored voice-recognition technology to assist with over-the-phone orders last year.


The pizza-delivery service is now testing an autonomous delivery service in the Houston area.