ESPN to broadcast an eSports competition with a $1.4M prize

Sports fans usually gather for baseball games or tennis matches, but next weekend in Brooklyn, New York, 20,000 fans will be cheering on video gamers.

It will mark the first time a competitive eSports tournament will be broadcast live on sports network ESPN.

The Overwatch League’s grand finals will take place July 27 and July 28 at the Barclays Center, where two teams will compete for a $1.4 million prize.

Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer told FOX BusinessStuart Varney on Tuesday that the eSports industry is growing rapidly because of the passion that many people have for playing video games.

“I’m a gamer myself. It’s a huge part of my identity, and it’s very natural that I want to know who’s the best in the world at these games that I love, and that’s what eSports is all about,” Nanzer said.

He added that the Overwatch League “is really designed to be an epic, competitive entertainment experience that anyone can enjoy, so we’re really excited to introduce a broader audience next weekend.”