Apple will have trouble keeping up growth: Deke Digital co-founder

Apple will have a hard time keeping up growth, despite trying to build up different areas of it's business, according to Deke Digital co-founder Dave Maney.

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“I think it’s going to be challenging to keep up pricing, keep up margins and keep up growth,” Dave Maney told Susan Li on “Bulls & Bears.”

Apple reported its third-quarter earnings on Tuesday, beating Wall Street’s expectations on the top and bottom lines. The tech giants’ revenue rose to $53.8 billion from $53.27 billion a year earlier.

The net sales for Apple’s wearables, home, and accessories made $5.5 billion, while the iPad hit $5 billion. Regardless of the earnings beat, Maney said that the company’s music service and products may not be enough to keep up the company’s strong growth.

“An Apple music service is not markedly different from Spotify and an Apple home speaker is not markedly different from an Amazon home speaker,” he said.