Artificial Intelligence at the fast food drive-thru

Denver based fast food chain, Good Times, is now using an artificial intelligence voice assistant in place of cashiers in their drive-thru service.

The restaurant is using an artificial intelligence system created by the company Valyant AI to help the employees manage the restaurant more efficiently.

“We’re automating one of the task that they do, gives them more face time with the customers at the window, and makes the experience more efficient,” Valyant AI Founder and CEO Rob Carpenter told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Friday.

When asked if the software will be used to replace humans, Carpenter said, “It does take task out of the work that sometimes is done by a full time employee. Overall, what we’re hoping to do is help make small business owners that own these restaurants more profitable.”


The software is also used to increase the input and reduce mistakes commonly made by employees. However, Varney challenged Carpenter by asking if the AI technology will help replace jobs that may be lost due to minimum wage increases.

“Our technology makes lives easier for customers and employees,” Carpenter said. “We’ve been surprised by the employee response. It’s a stressful job that they have to do and this takes a lot of pressure off of them.”