Super Bowl: Top 5 advertisements that aired during the big game

Uber Eats had one of the most memorable Super Bowl advertisements

For the 2022 Super Bowl in Los Angeles, multiple companies paid $7 million for a 30-second spot for advertising, but which ones stand out from the rest?

In the United States, the Super Bowl regularly ranks as the most-watched event, meaning that both advertisers have a huge audience, and networks can charge big amounts for the time slots.

Here are the advertisements that stood out during the 2022 Super Bowl:

1. Uber Eats: "Uber Don't Eats"

As Uber Eats is expanding its platform to include grocery stores, flower shops, butchers and pet supply stores, the company created an advertisement showcasing what can be delivered through the app and online platform in addition to meal delivery.

The advertisement featured multiple celebrities, including Jennifer Coolidge, Trevor Noah, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicholas Braun, who all attempted to eat products delivered with the Uber Eats app, such as diapers, kitty litter and dish soap.

"Wait…if it was delivered with Uber Eats, does that mean I can eats it?" Coolidge said while holding aluminum foil delivered with the Uber Eats app.

Eli Manning

The New York Giants' Eli Manning warms up before an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Monday, Dec. 9, 2019, in Philadelphia.  (AP Photo/Matt Rourke / AP Newsroom)

2. Caesars Sportsbook and Casino: "Sit Down Dinner"

Caesars Sportsbook and Casino's Super Bowl ad included the "first family of football," with Archie, Cooper, Eli and Peyton Manning, alongside actor and comedian JB Smoove and actress Halle Berry, who stared as Caesar and Cleo in the advertisement.

"Now, which one of you legendary quarterbacks is going to pass me the gravy?" Smoove says, as Cooper passes the gravy.

"I said legendary," Smoove says back.

3. TurboTax: "Matchmaker"

TurboTax's Super Bowl advertisement included multiple people who are all in different tax situations, asking TurboTax if it can do their taxes this year.

The advertisement featured Jason Sudeikis, who is in the series "Ted Lasso."

"What if I work in London, live in New York, and shot a Super Bowl commercial in Los Angeles?" Sudeikis says.

"Then I'd say congrats, I can sort that all out for you," a TurboTax representative in the advertisement responds.

The homepage of Intuit Inc.'s TurboTax website is displayed on a computer monitor in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Monday, Feb. 13, 2012. The U.S. income tax filing deadline for 2011 taxes is April 17, 2012. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Get (Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images / Getty Images)

4. FTX: "Don't Miss Out"

Comedian Larry David starred in the cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX's Super Bowl advertisement.

In the advertisement, David travels throughout history, disagreeing with some of the biggest inventions such as the toilet, coffee, Declaration of Independence and light bulb.

At the end, David is presented with the FTX app and replies, "I don't think so."

"Don't be like Larry," text on the screen displays.

Chef and television personality Guy Fieri and his son Ryder Fieri (L) attend a game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium on October 24, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Raiders defeated the Eagles 33-22. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images / Getty Images)

5. Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda: "Land of Loud Flavors"

Bud Light brought out Guy Fieri to star in its Super Bowl commercial.

The advertisement shows a group of people at a party drinking Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda, when two people come out of a refrigerator, taking the drinks away from the party.

"Loud flavor," one person says coming out of the refrigerator. 

"The mayor must see this," the other says.

The individuals then go to the "land of loud flavors," where Fieri opens the drink.

"Citizens, there's a new flavor in town. I declare Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda ‘the loudest flavors ever,'" Fieri says to the fictitious "land of loud flavors."