Saints linebacker Demario Davis raises $120K for charity with 'MAN OF GOD' headband following NFL uniform fine

New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis was just fined $7,017 by the NFL for sporting a ‘MAN OF GOD’ headband during a Sept. 22 game against the Seahawks in Seattle.

While Davis has since successfully appealed the fine, what could have been a throwaway moment has since become an opportunity for charity, with the 30-year-old turning the situation into a positive, selling the black and gold ‘MAN/WOMAN OF GOD’ headbands at $25 apiece and having raised more than $60,000 for St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi to date.

That $60,000 was, in turn, doubled to a whopping $120,000 thanks to an equal matching grant given to the hospital.

"This is amazing, it just shows you the power of God," Davis said on the latest episode of Fox Nation's "Laura and Raymond." "You know, I would have never thought this whole movement would have happened — and it's not just here in New Orleans. It's been national."

The fine initially stemmed from an NFL uniform infraction, however Davis’ told Fox Nation that he was able to see God’s hand after receiving the fine and the winning the ensuing appeal process.

"It went from something that was going to cost me $7,000 now went in favor of good, $120,000 and we just took that fine that we were planning on paying to the league and donated it to the cause," he said.

For his part, Davis says he was encouraged by the entire situation, and looks forward to raising more money for the hospital’s emergency department.

The Collins, Miss. native did admit to initial feelings of confliction, and grappled the idea of simply following the league’s rules or continuing to use his headband as a spiritual message?

“Should I continue to wear it because of the messaging or would I follow the rule? Which would bring ultimate glory to God," he explained on the Fox Nation show.

Davis, who just last year signed a three-year deal with the Saints worth $24 million, including $16 million in fully-guaranteed money, said he doesn’t hold a grudges against the NFL for the headband fine before once again emphasizing his purpose to "glorify God" in everything he does.

The NFL did not return Fox Business Network's request for comment.