'Started from scratch': The evolution of Adirondack Creamery

Paul Nasrani's love for ice cream started at a young age, stemming from the summers he used to spend on a small farm in Pennsylvania.

Even at the end of a long day, Nasrani said he found the energy to make a batch of fresh-churned ice cream.

That passion for making fresh, homemade ice cream never left him. In 2002, while working for a mid-sized financial corporation, Nasrani began making homemade ice cream out of his small New York City apartment.

Not long after, Nasrani moved his production to Silver Bay, New York, working out of the store. That location has been steadily producing ice cream since the 1940s. In 2004, Adirondack Creamery was born.

Two years later, in 2006, the company began creating its all natural ice-cream with no artificial ingredients. The company has since evolved into a well-established artisanal ice cream brand, with the product sold in more than 250 stores across new York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

"Adirondack Creamery is a great American success because it was started from scratch by a son of parents who represented the oldest and newest immigrants to the U.S. who had no business or political connections, financial resources or experience in the food industry,” Nasrani said. “[It’s] grown based on the amazing taste and quality of its ice cream flavors produced with specially sourced natural ingredients.”

The company may have grown past its start-up days, but is still committed to creating unique ice cream flavors, like Banana Chip and Kulfi Pistachio Cardamom and Syrian Date and Walnut (some of the proceeds of that particular flavor will go toward Syrian refugees).