Start-up uses the convenience of phone booths to offer privacy to office workers

Conducting business in an open office space can be tricky, especially when there’s no room to take private or sensitive phone calls.

But one start-up company is looking to change privacy access in the workplace.

ROOM offers employees compact booths in open office spaces that act as a private spot to get work done.

“We launched a year ago,” CEO Brian Chen told FOX Business’s Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday. “And in that year we’ve been fortunate enough to work with over a thousand businesses, small and large, including JPMorgan, Nike, SalesForce, all the way to your local startup.”

ROOM’s phone booths were designed to cater to an employee’s every whim. Soundproof doors are magnetically shut, and motion sensors turn the LED lights and ventilation fans on and off. It’s compatible with Ethernet ports and phone cords, and offers wide interior desks for optimal office space.

Chen launched ROOM in May 2018 with co-founder Morten-Meisner Jensen.

“A lot of our success has been due to the fact that we’ve taken a direct consumer approach to business to business industry,” Chen said.

ROOM also conducts extensive research to keep their customers happy. In a recent survey with YouGov, ROOM discovered 62 percent of workers want a closed office space, while 24 percent of workers say the open-style cramps their creativity. Other statistics show that 27 percent of open-office workers worry about co-workers eavesdropping on their conversations and 13 percent considered leaving their current positions due to the privacy problems.

“The problem of noise and lack of privacy is pervasive,” Chen said. “It affects nearly everyone in an open office.”


ROOM prices begin at $3,495.