California Gov. Newsom's recall explanation blasted by restaurant owner as 'hurtful'

Angela Marsden argues that business owners have been 'killed off' while Newsom breaks his own coronavirus restrictions

California restaurant owner Angela Marsden blasted Gov. Gavin Newsom’s “hurtful” explanation for the recall effort against him where he blamed extremist groups.

On Tuesday, the California governor downplayed the recall campaign against him by accusing "right-wing" extremist groups of being the "top 10 proponents" of the effort, which is reported to have cleared 2 million signatures.  

Speaking on “Varney & Co.” on Thursday, Marsden, who joined the recall effort against Newsom last month, said, "Putting that out there was so hurtful to me because we have all these businesses that have been shuttered [and] we have all these people on unemployment."

"Small businesses employ the most women, the most minorities and we are the ones that have been shut down,” she added. “We have been literally killed off while he just goes to the French Laundry and eats."

Marsden, who said she is an Independent, was referencing the criticism Newsom faced for dining with lobbyists at the luxury French Laundry restaurant in November in violation of his own pandemic restrictions.

Newsom's comments where he blamed extremist groups for the recall campaign against him, which he made during an interview on "The View" on Tuesday, came as other prominent Democrats have sought to delegitimize the recall campaign.

"The View" host Joy Behar noted that organizers claim that more than a third of the recall signatures were from Democrats and independents, prompting Newson to claim that the "chief proponent" of the recall supports putting microchips into immigrants.


"The top 10 proponents of people that are behind this are members of Three Percenters, the right-wing militia group, the Proud Boys supported the insurrection--are folks that quite literally, enthusiastically support QAnon conspiracies, so that’s the origin here," said the Democratic governor.

Newsom continued by saying he was definitely "worried" about the recall efforts against him and added that he was "taking it seriously."

Marsden noted on Thursday that “a lot of people” in California are wondering who will be voted in as governor if Newsom is ousted.

“There’s a big fear of are we going to be able to find the right person to help turn this around now that we have the recall coming, which is very exciting,” she said.

Marsden also said that restaurants in Los Angeles being allowed to reopen to indoor dining at 25% capacity this month provides “hope that we’re moving in the right direction.”

She pointed out that “a lot of businesses don’t have the patio space and going in 25% is still not enough to sustain their bills, but it’s hope.”

Marsden said she had “an amazing, glorious day” on Wednesday because she reached her goal capacity for the first time in a year since indoor dining is allowed to resume at 25% capacity and since she has a big parking lot that her landlord allowed her to turn into a patio.


Marsden went viral after she voiced her frustrations with Mayor Eric Garcetti's ban on outdoor dining in an emotional video. Marsden in December claimed that the mayor had shut down her outdoor patio while allowing a Hollywood movie crew to set up an outdoor dining area just a short distance away.

Her video attracted national attention and drew donations from sympathetic viewers across the globe.


Fox News’ Cameron Cawthorne contributed to this report.