Why this sector of the toy industry is experiencing tremendous growth

Board games are making a comeback.

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Facing technology overload, consumers are increasingly looking to put down their devices and play board games with families, friends and even dates. The board game market is expected to top $12 billion by 2023, according to data released last year from ReportLinker.

“Within the toy industry right now board games are the biggest growth sector of it,” Neil Goldberg, owner of the Main St. Board Game Café, told FOX Business' “Mornings with Maria.”

According to Goldberg, along with classic board games like Monopoly and backgammon, many new ones are on the market as well.

“More and more board games are coming out, board games are experiencing a huge renaissance, a huge boom," Goldberg said. "Board game café, like the one that I opened four months ago ... are popping up all over the country."

Goldberg sees the renaissance as consumers’ reaction to technology.

“I think people are looking for a way to unplug, themselves, their kids, their families," he said. "Our motto is 'unplug your game.'”

Goldberg sees the comeback as a phenomenon that covers a wide range of demographics.

“We have kids with their parents, kids with their grandparents ... dates, families, husband and wives. Our whole café, the whole audience changes as the day goes by.”