Dog owner 'completely changes pet food' after finding 'alarming' industry standards

One little pooch can make a big impact.

After trying to solve his dog’s health issues, Brett Podolsky turned to home-cooked meals as a solution. Fast forward five years: he now has a thriving business.

"I was struggling to try to find the solution to her health problems and a vet recommended that I try at-home cooking for her and it was like magic. Her symptoms completely disappeared. So it made me start to look into the pet food industry and what I found was actually really alarming," he told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo. "All pet food is so highly processed and we all know that feeding highly processed food to our pets or to ourselves every single day… is really unhealthy."

That’s the moment Podolsky decided it was time to "completely change pet food." 

Podolsky and his business partner Jonathan Regev, started The Farmer’s Dog, which touts fresh products made of real ingredients, consisting of human-grade meat and vegetables.

 "What we've done is created a new product that can deliver the same nutrients [as kibble] but with fresh food and made it really easy," Regev said. "Most people still don't know that's even a possibility, so it's really an entirely new market."

Most pet food on the market may strike consumers as consisting of real ingredients, but without recognizing how processed the store brands can be.

"A lot of typical pet foods are importing dry products. You know when they say ‘chicken’ it's really chicken powder that's imported," Regev said.

"Because we're fresh, it's really important that things are local."

- - Jonathan Regev, The Farmer's Dog

For The Farmer’s Dog, being made in America is key for their growing business.

"We have a few facilities across the country, so we're actually available in every state now," Regev said. "And so it's really simple: we partner with farmers and then have kitchens and facilities across the country to deliver fresh food."

Maria Baritomo’s dog, Dusty, made her FOX Business debut on Tuesday and put the product to the test.

 "She likes it," Bartiromo said.