Sexy Mr. Rogers Halloween costume blasted on Twitter

Halloween just got scarier for fans of the beloved PBS show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

The cause? A new costume meant to look like a “sexy” version of Mr. Rogers himself -- and Twitter users are not thrilled.

The “Nicest Neighbor” costume, sold online by Yandy for $59.99, comes with a cropped, V-neck red sweater that zips in the front, a detachable collar with a black necktie and high-waisted grey shorts.

The model for the costume is also pictured holding puppets resembling those that the real Mr. Rogers used on his children’s television show.

The puppets -- as well as a wig featured in the images -- have to be bought separately, according to the costume description.

Costume and lingerie retailer Yandy released a new costume for Halloween this year: a "sexy" version of Mr. Rogers, the beloved children's television host. (Yandy)

Despite the late Mr. Rogers’ popularity, the sexy costume was blasted on Twitter after pictures of the costume were posted online.

“Mr. Rogers is Saint-like status. Can we just not?” one person asked.

Another person tweeted: “This is gross. Also, Mr. Rogers is already sexy Mr. Rogers.”

“There’s a sexy Mr. Rogers costume just in time for Halloween and that is not the type of neighbour Fred was aiming for,” one user said.

Someone else wrote: “Not my Mr. Rogers!”

“They made a sexy Mr. Rogers costume. We are all doomed!” another person tweeted.

Yandy did not immediately respond to FOX Business’ request for comment.

A spokesperson for the costume and lingerie retailer told People that their costumes are meant to “celebrate what’s going on in pop culture.”

“Our goal at Yandy is to create costumes that are sexy, fashion-forward and light-hearted. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and neither do our customers,” the spokesperson said.


“We know Halloween is a time to dress up, have some fun, and also be sassy,” the spokesperson added. “Yandy shoppers are witty, smart and don’t shy away from a bit of snarkiness, which makes them all the more sexy in our opinion.”