Camping retailers sell luxury gear to follow changing trends: report

Camping retailers are starting to sell luxury gear to match the interest of more casual adventurers, according to a new report.

Even though camping has remained popular, the way people want to camp is changing, The Chicago Tribune reported.

Campers are now more interested in shorter trips that are closer to home -- with more amenities like air mattresses, coolers and, of course, smartphones to document the trip, according to the outlet.

In response, retailers are selling more comfort-focused items. According to The Tribune, portable audio accessories and phone accessories sales increased by 20 percent.

Part of the changing trend could be because younger people who live in cities have less space to store all the gear for bigger trips, the outlet reported.

Another explanation is that campers are more interested in spending time with their friends and family, Mike Gawtry, director of sporting equipment and travel products for L.L. Bean told the outlet.

“The primary focus we have designers and developers working on are really those products that enable folks to get outside in the safest, most comfortable, easiest way,” he told The Tribune.

According to an April report from Kampgrounds of America, people are interested in new types of camping experiences such as “glamping” the name for camping with plenty of amenities and comforts.


“Close to half of all campers are interested in a glamping or van life experience, a rate that has doubled since last year. Campers’ excitement to try new and different methods of camping has spawned new and expanding extensions of the outdoor industry,” a release about the report said.

In April, Terra Glamping CEO and co-founder Rebecca Martin told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo about her Brooklyn-based glamping and event production company.

“The benefit of being outdoors. The benefit of disconnecting from this crazy, busy world that we’re always in right now. We’re always on out phones. We’re always at work,” Martin said. “This way we’re in nature, but you don’t have to lose the creature comforts.”

FOX Business’ Tuttie Dedvukaj contributed to this report.