Procter & Gamble’s big millennial push

Iconic consumer brand Procter & Gamble is continuing its push to target the hard-to-reach millennial demographic, this time by speaking to them in their own language.

The company has filed to trademark a number of acronyms frequently used by the younger generation on social media and mobile devices, such as “LOL” (laugh out loud), “WTF” (what the f***), “NBD” (no big deal) and “FML” (f***my life).

Procter & Gamble owns a number of well-known consumer brands, including Dawn, Downy, Crest, Febreze and Olay.

It is expected to use these terms on soaps and dishwashing detergents, according to CNBC.

The company declined to comment further on the pending trademarks when contacted by FOX Business.

Activist investor and board member Nelson Peltz criticized the company for not doing more to adapt to the preferences of younger shoppers, including branch out further into natural and organic products, as health and wellness become a larger focus for health-conscious millennials.

The company has launched a new Pampers line free of fragrances and chlorine, and it has also launched a more “natural” version of air freshener Febreze, free of aerosols and some chemicals.

Peltz has also said millennials prefer smaller, niche brands.