Lands' End returns to iconic American roots

After failing to attempt to attract a fancier, fashionable customer base, Lands’ End has returned to its iconic American roots.

“It didn’t work because we are really an American heritage brand,” said Lands’ End head of Design Chieh Tsai to FOX Business’ Jeff Flock on Wednesday. “We went back to our roots. We went back to our archives and it’s been amazing. We have timeless classic pieces. We reinvented them and embraced our customers and they love it.”

Since taking the reins in 2017, Lands’ End CEO Jerome Griffith made it his priority to turn the struggling retailer, which had experienced 10 straight quarters of losses, into a booming business. Lands’ End has had six consecutive quarters of sales increases.

“This company has sort of languished over the years and we’ve really been concentrating on the business fundamentals,” Griffith told Flock.

Part of his strategy includes a partnership with e-commerce giant Amazon, which helped attract new customers in addition to bringing back some of the old.

“If you’re shopping online normally or at least in the past, people would go to Google and do their searches,” he said. “Today more people go to Amazon and search. So if you are not on Amazon you are not really relevant.”