Custom clothing pioneer offers business opportunity that can lead to ‘financial freedom’

Get that perfect fit – in less than 10 clicks.  Bespokino designs high quality custom button down shirts, in a snap -- and anyone can do it.

“We patented a measuring tool that guarantees fit,” Bespokino CEO & Founder Jacomo Hakim told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Thursday. 

He said customers can order their own measuring tool or visit a store kiosk, get measured, download the Bespokino app and start customizing immediately.

“It’s the quickest way to order a custom made shirt,” Hakim added.

“Our patented measuring tool simulates the feel that you want, the fit that you want, and then you’re able to design and customize whatever you want and order it,” Hakim said adding that  “we’re talking to major retailers right now that want [the sizing tool].”

What's more, Hakim believes the vertically integrated system is a good business model to invest in.

“I made a business opportunity and model for other people to buy into, and they can make money, which leads them to financial freedom,” Hakim said.  "It's reoccuring revenue for them," Hakim said.

Bespokino custom-made shirts start at $79.