Amazon rep says protesters 'not well-informed' about company's benefits, operations

Amazon workers at a Minnesota warehouse disrupted the company’s annual Prime Day event with an organized strike on Monday.

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In an exclusive interview with FOX Business’ Susan Li, an Amazon representative said protestors are using the biggest online shopping event to raise awareness of the employees' allegations about working conditions.

“It’s become an event that our critics, like unions and politicians, have used to raise the visibility of their cause and in some cases to increase their membership dues,” Amazon Senior Public Relations Manager Ashley Robinson told Susan Li on Monday.

An estimated 100 employees at the Shakopee, Minnesota Amazon fulfillment center walked out in protest of what they say are impossible productivity quota demands and unfair labor conditions.

Robinson said Amazon provides its workers with many of the employee advocates’ demands such as industry-leading benefits, safe working conditions and opportunity for career mobility.

“We think a lot of the people who are protesting outside, if they do show up, are simply not well informed about what it is like here,” she said.


Amazon said it’s confident the majority of the workers are excited about the biggest deal day of the year and will continue working with a business-as-usual mentality.

“We know for our folks, they know what is like to work here. They love working here. They could work somewhere else if it truly was as bad as everyone says it is, but it’s not. They’re great places to work,” Robinson said.