WWE legend Mick Foley on his journey to becoming Santa Claus

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley on Wednesday described his journey from WWE superstar to playing one of his kindest roles yet as Santa Claus.

After failing the WWE impact test, Foley went to seek medical advice from another neurologist before being told that he should never wrestle again.

“So I had two top neurologists basically take the bat out of my hand and say ‘you are done,’ and then the question becomes, how do you find something that makes you feel as alive as you felt when you were in that ring?” he told FOX Business’ Kennedy on “Kennedy.”

Throughout his WWE career, Foley played many memorable characters including Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love, but playing Santa Claus has caused the hardcore legend to really “dig deep.”

“Mankind and Cactus Jack… they required me to be tougher and stronger and much more aggressive than I am naturally as a person. Whereas portraying Santa Claus, effectively, you have to dig deep but you dig deep to become kinder and gentler and wiser,” he said.

Foley said portraying Santa Claus and traveling around keeping the Christmas spirit alive has helped him fill the void of wrestling.

“I said to my son who was my elf on Christmas Eve, after a visit we did, I said I feel like I just had a big pay-per-view match. And he goes, ‘But Dad, there were only three people there.’ And I said it doesn’t matter, it’s all about creating something,” he said.

The New York Times best-selling author also detailed his transformation in his new memoir, “Saint Mick,” which was released on Tuesday.