What's Wrong With This Picture?

A casual bump. A nudge, really. That's how Stuart ended up cleaning the floor this morning.

He and I were walking to our morning editorial meeting together. I said something sarcastic to him, in response to his cheery disposition. He's always very upbeat and animated, even early in the morning. It's charming and annoying at the same time. We love him anyway.

He nudged me ever so slightly. (More like hip-checked me, actually.) And I dropped a steaming mug filled with fresh coffee right there on the floor of our newsroom kitchen area. What surprised me is how quickly Stuart sprang into action. He grabbed a bunch of napkins and immediately started cleaning the mess himself. He took the blame. Even though it was in fact his fault, I still felt bad watching him do it. So, inspired, I joined him. But make no mistake, Stuart did most of the work:

The whole thing lasted no more than a minute. And just like on Varney and Co., we got to the point... quickly. Then we moved on to the next thing.