What's Ailing Health Care

The new health-care law promised lower costs, better access, and the ability to keep your regular plan if you wanted.

But a closer look shows most of that may not be true.

Mike Tuffin with lobbying group America's Health Insurance Plans joined the company this morning to talk to Stuart about what’s ailing America’s health-care system.

“Providers are generally compensated based on the amount of care they provide rather than the quality of care they provide,” said Tuffin.

Tuffin also said that the high cost of health care is being driven higher by doctors and nurses falling victim to trial lawyers.

Stuart pressed Tuffin on why costs keep going up if the purpose of health-care reform was to lower costs.

“That’s the work that still remains to be done,” said Tuffin.

President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law in March.