What Time Is It?

WE get a lot of questions about the time Varney & Co. starts. Perhaps the most frequently asked is, “Why do you start at 9:20?” Well, allow me to answer for you: I have no idea.

When we launched the show back in January 2010, our bosses told us the start time and, naturally, we asked the same question. “Why 9:20?” And all we were told is, “It has to do with Imus.” So blame the cowboy.

Don't get us wrong. We love the cowboy. He brings the eyeballs to the network and helped launch Varney & Co. But it’s his fault.

So we’ve gone along with it. 9:20. Unorthodox, but what the hell. That’s what time we start.

Or is it?

Some mornings, we’re on as early as 9:15. Some, as late as 9:22. I admit, it’s hard to make Varney & Co. “appointment television” when we keep changing the time of the appointment daily. (Once again, blame the cowboy… we love you, Imus).

All I can say is, set your clocks, and your DVRs for 9:15am ET every morning. The worse that can happen, you’re early and you catch the tail end of Imus, which will probably make you laugh anyway.

And with appointment television, I bring you, appointment reading. As in, this blog. On behalf of the Varney team, I’d like to thank you for watching, following us on Facebook andTwitter, and interacting with us. We have a lot of fun putting this show together. It’s a lot of work and it’s fast-paced, but we all enjoy our jobs a lot.

This blog will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the show, the stories we do, why we chose them, and how we decide to present them to you. We’ll also get contributions from your favorite Company members. We may even get the not-so-tech-savvy Mr. Varney himself to write a post of his own some day.

So keep watching, and now, enjoy reading Varney & Co.