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What Net Neutrality Means for You


Neil’s Spiel: Cable companies secretly enjoying the government coming in?

FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the potential impact of net neutrality.

I know cable companies are complaining about this whole net neutrality thing.

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How it's big government big-footing all over the Internet. How it's going to regulate them, “and cost you.”

But I frankly think they're secretly enjoying the government coming in. It gives them a huge cop-out.

It gets all those annoying customer complaint calls off of them, and onto Uncle Sam.

They might even relish the day those customers start missing them, the cable companies that put them on hold, or never showed up with a technician when they said they would.

Imagine the government fielding those calls?

Think health care... for the Internet. Think waiting even longer for anything.

Get the picture?

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